Celebrity Smackdown

This is the moment that you have been waiting for. Punch the celebrities in their faces. Don’t like spiderman or superman? Give them a fight! These characters deserve a good beating!

Play these celebrity boxing games and remove all your anger and frustration on your disliked celebrities. Make your fists work and beat the crap out of them. Some of these celebrity smackdown games will even allow to K.O your opponents.

Just punch out in these free games, hit harder every time and knock out any celebrity with your deadly punches.

 1. The Brawl 8 – Kim Jong Un

brawl-8-kim-jong-un-2 brawl-8-kim-jong-un-1

This boxing game gives you an opportunity to punch any celebrity you may find annoying. At last, we can now have our revenge on Kim Jong Un (North Korean autocrat).

 2. The Brawl – All Stars

the-brawl-all-stars-2 the-brawl-all-stars-1

The Brawl for all stars is just a collection of celebrities’ fights. Here you’ll find most of the best competitors coming together for this great boxing game. You’ll find stars like Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Psy, Edward, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Batman and Kim Jong Un.

 3. The Brawl 6 – Batman

brawl-6-batman-1 brawl-6-batman-2

Batman the Brawl is a game of celebrity boxing which allows you to bash any celebrity that annoys you the most. At last, we can now get to kick the Batman, who is one a very annoying superhero, anyhow we want to.

 4. The Brawl 5 – Edward

brawl-5-edward-2 brawl-5-edward-1

Edward is the most annoying vampire on earth, so we can have fun fighting this annoying celebrity and beating the fang from his mouth.

 5. The Brawl 4 – Gangnam Style

brawl-4-gangnam-style-1 brawl-4-gangnam-style-2

The Gangnam style Brawl, This is another fantastic boxing game for a star which allows one to beat up celebrities that they find annoying, Even the famous star Psy known for his Gangnam music.

 6. The Brawl 3

the-brawl-3-1 the-brawl-3-2

This is a celebrity fighting game which also gives you the opportunity to beat up some celebrities that you may find so annoying. A star like Justin Bieber can now have a feeling of this boxing as well.

 7. The Brawl 2 – Nicki Minaj

brawl-2-nicki-minaj-1 brawl-2-nicki-minaj-2

Nicki Minaj, This is also a celebrity fighting game which offers you the chance to box and beat up Nicki Minaj if you are not a fan of her strange and provoking ways. You get to put an end to all her misbehaviors in just one round.

 8. Epic Celeb Brawl – Spiderman

epic-celeb-brawl-spiderman-2 epic-celeb-brawl-spiderman-1

Can you take on an actual Celebrity Spiderman fight? Engage legendary stars, actors, singers, celebrities, and superstars in a tedious boxing fight. This isn’t just an ordinary regular boxing fight but a real boxing fight that is truly from the streets. You get to buy some hefty weapons and great combos so that you can finally unleash your anger on celebrities that you find annoying. In this particular Brawl, you are up against the famous Superman! So if you think you have a chance of beating him, then we wish you luck.

 9. Fighting Club

fighting-club-3  fighting-club-1

You just found out your salary had been stolen by someone, not too long ago. This got you very upset; you need to respond fast. Another great boxing game here.

 10. Batman Brawl

batman-brawl-1 batman-brawl-2

In this game, you are to assist Batman and Green Arrow as a team to fight the strongest fighters in the match again. Green Lantern G’nort and Wildcat who are your instructors, are also there to provide you some tricks and excellent tips to ensure you win. You have to come out and fight to beat your opponent hands down by knocking him down about three times.

 11. Wild West Boxing Tournament

wild-west-boxing-tournament-1 wild-west-boxing-tournament-2

The Wild West Boxing competition is one of the latest internet fighting games online. Here you appear as a boxer who has to compete and win against other boxers so as to win the Wild West Boxing competition.

To win the tournament, you have to fight and win three fighters. You have to defeat each of them in three different rounds, and then get to another town where you also get to fight with other boxers.

Do not just enjoy playing this game but also try to win this entertaining match.

 12. Kangaroo Jack: Outback Rumble

kangaroo-jack-outback-rumble-1 kangaroo-jack-outback-rumble-2

Support rumble by helping to win and defeat the ugly competitors. In this game, we have over 25 superstars from some movies that we no longer hear of in appearance. Stars like Superman, Libre, and much more appear in this game. You can agree with that it will be fun beating up these celebrities.

 13. Celebrity Smackdown 2

celebrity-smackdown-2-2 celebrity-smackdown-2-1

It is the second part of Celebrity Smackdown game. Choose your celebrities and take them down.

 14. Celebrity Smackdown

celebrity-smackdown-1 celebrity-smackdown-2

This is a game of four stars openly fighting intensively, and it has nothing at all to do with Barry Bonds, Hillary Clinton, Donald Rumsfield, and Paris Hilton. It contains fictional characters of these celebrities.

 15. The Brawl

the-brawl-1 the-brawl-2

The Brawl is simply a type of celebrity fighting game that allows come battle face to face with the celebrities that annoy you the most. Mr. Worldwide, popularly known as Mr. International is the first to compete against in the first round. You don’t have to be nice to him, instead, give him a knockout.

 16. The Jersey Situation

the-jersey-situation-2 the-jersey-situation-1

Here you’ll find two guides that got into a heated fight over a young lady at the beach. Your role is a guido with a headband, and you fight against Mike, your opponent.

 17. Batman Rock ‘Em Sock ‘ Em

batman-rock-em-sock-em-2 batman-rock-em-sock-em-1

In this boxing game online, you’ll use Joker, Batman, Penguin, Robin, Riddler or Catwoman to punch your way to winning the game.

 18. Featherweight Duck

featherweight-duck-3 featherweight-duck-2

You can assist Daffy Duck to win the boxing competition in this punching game.


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