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Play free boxing and punching games online. You will find most typical and featured Punch games for free that you can play without any registration. Block incoming punches, knockout and beat up your opponents! These are real boxing fights!

If you like the competitiveness and one on one fights, you will love these free punching games. They will ease your stress and anger. These punching games are a collection of boxing and fighting games, where you will be using your fist fighting skills. But make no mistake, they might be quite challenging.

You will need to smash on the opponent with full force and try to wallop him enough to score a knockout. In some games, you will be punching a president, while in others you will be just hitting a punching bag.

Play the best punching games online for free!

 1. Ivan Drago

ivan-drago-2 ivan-drago-1

Ivan Drago is a legendary boxer that Dolphin Lundgren played featuring in the Rocky series (Rocky IV). Turn them run red with the blood of criminals while taking your unrefined Soviet power down to the streets.

 2. Super Punch Bag

super-punch-bag-1 super-punch-bag-2

This is a boxing game in which all the targets have to get hit in one massive swing with the punching bag to earn a point. The opponent continues to punch punching bags as they come in your direction. You have to avoid getting hit and react as quickly as you can.

 3. The Fighter Practice

the-fighter-practice-1 the-fighter-practice-2

Another free boxing game, where you practice your punching skills. Be fast, be strong and punch the bag hard.

 4. Bully Basher

bully-basher-1 bully-basher-2

You have to fight the bullies and send them back to where they came from by skillfully boxing them. Watch your stamina and health status.

 5. Boxing Token

boxing-token-2 boxing-token-1

Boxing token is a particular type of boxing game that makes use of a token to play. This is done by dragging your token and dropping it on the arena. The strength of the attack is determined by the distance which the token traveled. As you progress, you’ll discover new items, so you can increase your energy by enhancing your experience of the game.

 6. Drastic Plastic

drastic-plastic-2 drastic-plastic-1

In this boxing game, you have to defeat some individual robots in your system. To upgrade yourself, you must beat every opponent that comes your way.

 7. President Punch

president-punch-1 president-punch-2

One hilarious and amazing game – the president punch.

 8. Cage Potato’s Power Punch

cage_potato_power_punch-2 cage_potato_power_punch-1

Here you have to make a choice between haymakers, punch or kick and make sure to hit the punching bag very hard.

 9. Luffy Boxing Challenge

luffy-boxing-challenge-1 luffy-boxing-challenge-2

Luffy has unlocked a new challenge, and now it’s high time he learned some new skills. We can help him win the boxing challenge by regularly practicing.

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